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October 30, 2010
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Little Family by AkuAoiOni Little Family by AkuAoiOni
Since the broadband was down yesterday I had to occupy myself with something to do. I had this lying around unfinished so I coloured it.

Fortunately I save all the refs for EP characters onto iphoto otherwise I'd have been screeeeewed |DDDDD

Song (c) *Nithak
Jezebelle and Rulie (c) ~UzumakiAya
Shaolin and artwork (c) Me

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FFFF 8D I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet~! It's so amazing~!

I really love all the colors, they all seem to mesh in with each other perfectly~ Liiike, how the blue of Shaolin's dress matches the blue of Rulie's hair, the brown of Rulie's shirt matches the brown of Jezebelle's, and then the red of Belle's hair matches the red of Song's skirt~ It really is an interesting effect. X'D

And pffft, I'm all for the quick backgrounds. They almost turn out the best in a lot of cases. XDD

And fffff, I just love how you draw Song. Rly. D:
FFFF Oh right I forgot you hadn't commented. XD

PFFFF I never noticed. XD But you're right~ They're all linked somewhat. Limited pallet win *shot*

XDD This background was just some brush I found on here (and forgot the link lolol XD) but all the characters are quite complex in this one so simple works. XD

fffff I'm so glad you dooo ;3; I love drawing her. So. Much. <3
I forgot that I forgot I hadn't commented *Ohnonotthisagain*

Pfft well part of being a traditional artist means I do that ALL THE TIME. Especially since I usually only carry about 20 or so colored pencils around at any given time.

Well mostly what I do with backgrounds is CHEAT AND USE PASTELS. Except on a very rare occasion because I like doing things the easy way. Like a lazy ass. :U But yes~ The complexity of the characters is typically what draws the eye, and you don't want things to look too busy. So that turns out great~

Sh-Shaolin's smile.................;w; so beautiful...
and the children are just so totally adorbs in this, Song being all happy (and I love how you did her outfit!) and Rulie's expression is too cute for words <333
B-but I love Jezebelle the most here, her hair came out so good and her mouth and nose are really really good looking, I want her ;o;
Shaolin loves you now. Fo real. XD <333
Song's outfit got updated and I HAD to draw it. > u < I love drawing her, maybe even more than ever~
Bellllleeeee~ this is the first time I've coloured a picture of her and I'm so glad you love her 8'D <3 You'd have to talk to ~UzumakiAya about stealing her away ;D XD
Thanks again <3333
KRINGaling Oct 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D'awwww this is so adorable ;u; I love how happy they all are! In fact, their smiles are very infectious :D /is smiling

I love how you drew each of them, Neko~ especially the red-haired one. It's subtle because she's smiling a close-lipped smile, but I can see that she's very happy :heart:
Awww 8'D Kring, that's exactly what I wanted~ *loves making people smile*

Belle is kinda shy, so I didn't want her to look so over the top happy, but still, I had to make it clear she's delighted on the inside~
Thanks so much <333
Karaiel Oct 30, 2010  Student Digital Artist
The middle one has the cutest face :3 Rulie, I think (I don't recognize her...)

Song's hair-jewel reminds me of Zelda ruppies XD
That's Jezebelle~ Rulie is the boy with blue hair. <:3

I thought the exact same thing while drawing her XDD
Karaiel Oct 30, 2010  Student Digital Artist
haha Jezebelle...XD Good name...

o3o I bet I could sell her and buy more bombs.
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